The Boom Of Digital Business

Looking at the situation from the inside, two essential factors are missing for there to be a boom in digital business.

On the one hand, those who are successful today must move to a company vision. Have more financial control and more organization to be able to invest strongly in growth. Most databases are still small. Tens of thousands of people. There are few with hundreds, and fewer with millions of people.

I think there is still some way to go in this regard. Those who are already successful are challenged to consolidate the project to grow even more. But there is something more fundamental, it is time to get out of the freak and reach the crowd.

Internet geeks

Some of us are internet geeks. We live in a world of funnels, upsales and surrounded by segments, avatars and webhooks. We speak Chinese for the majority. And above, we teach just this.

This is fine, but the boom will occur when geeks are in the minority compared to a majority of info producers from other sectors. When we leave the Marketing and productivity sector and go to sectors as powerful as teaching English or specific niches, such as growing organic tomatoes. When “non-marketers” understand the opportunity they have to launch their digital business there will be a boom.

Professionals yet to come

Until now, we are geeks and marketers, but the boom will depend on another professional profile. The professional we are looking for is someone who knows his job well, a good professional who is already successful offline. Someone who already knows how to help others and add value to the world.

Today this professional is working hard and with some success, but his schedule is full. What this professional has to understand is that on the Internet there is the possibility of multiplying and increasing their success. It’s not about working less, it’s about getting more results with the same effort.

It is a matter of making the smart decision to launch your business on the Internet.

Will those professionals join?

Of course, the time will come, as it has in Brazil, France or the United States, when all sectors enter the Internet with force. The only question is when will it happen.

Everything is ready, there is the technology, we have the knowledge, there are the results and success stories, there are the clients waiting, only the brave ones who take the step are missing. And who do you think can best convince these brave men? Of course, those of us who are already geeks and marketers. Those of us who already know the power of launching a digital business.